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Polykinetics; The SELF Method

 Michelle L Vargas

Est. 2014

Time to try something new!

Sessions last 30 minutes

Workouts avg. 20-25 minutes depending on music selections.

Online scheduling available 24/7/365

Learn how to become an instructor and start your own Polykinetics class or group!

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*Please advise if you have any specific physical medical challenges that need to be accommodated, we will be happy to do so!

It's your time, right now, to take massive action towards improving your mental health and wellbeing.


  • Exercise is a proven effective and vital outlet to long-term recovery and symptom suppression for a vast range of stress-related illnesses and disorders.

  • Mental health matters because it is greatly intertwined with all aspects of well being; physical and mental, inside and out!

  • Polykinetics is ideal for reducing the impact of daily stress, anxiety, preventing depressive episodes, and depreciating post-traumatic pain intensity.