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Polykinetics; The SELF Method

 Michelle L Vargas

Est. 2014

Kinetic Sequence Demonstration

At first glance, Polykinetics looks to be nothing special, and that's because you must physically TRY a kinetic sequence workout in order to fully understand the Polykinetics difference.  You'll feel that difference within the very first sequence.  Therefore, I greatly encourage trying one of the kinetic sequences I have posted below. Rest assured, each one of these sequences has been extensively tested personally to ensure their safety regardless of age or fitness level.

All you need to do is choose a sequence and follow my lead and always remember to stay on 

This type of session also helps induce what is called a kinetic meditation. Now this is just like any other meditation only instead of sitting still, you're body is in a perpetual state of consistent movement.  A truly unique mind-body experience.