polykinetics 4 kids

Kid's today face a lot in our wild and unpredictable world. Peer pressure, self-esteem challenges and cyberbullying are just a few of the daily stresses kids from all walks of life experience on a daily basis, however, many kids are not being given effective tools and techniques needed to effectively process challenging experiences inside and out by learning how to build up their mental resilience and cognitive restructuring; which is where kids learn how to identify and recognize negative thoughts and learn how to replace them with a positive action.  This strategy actively promotes self-confidence; making them drastically less susceptible to developing major mental health complications in their teens years well into adulthood, such as, Major Depression and anxiety disorders.  


Our kids' program is designed to teach them a simple and super fun resilience technique in the form of a attention-grabbing game that when practiced often, has the potential to improve and enhance: long-term memory, informational processing speed, mental perceptions, mental attitude and other cognitive functioning which has lead to better behavior, higher grades, better attendance and attention in school and better social skills.


This is also a great outlet for kids who may be a bit shy or quiet, because unlike with traditional talk-style peer groups and therapies, this is a technique where they don't have to verbally speak right away if they don't want to. Speaking up becomes a choice, not a requirement. Coming from a former bullied kid, I didn't always come forth and speak out about what I was experiencing, even when talking to mental health professionals which makes Polykinetics ideal for kids who have difficulties expressing what they are feeling or don't yet feel like they can open up to others. 

PolyKids is a great jump starter for youngsters who are just beginning to learn about physical fitness and mental health in a fun, positive and simplistic way while teaching vital life lessons such as, self-respect, discipline, self-control, focus, and much more! The sequences are easy-to-learn, easy-to-follow, as well as, utilizes age appropriate music that encourages self-expression. A great and safe way to get kids up and active while building up their fitness foundation and mental strength!