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At first glance, visually, Polykinetics looks to easy to actually work, and that's because you must physically DO a kinetic sequence workout in order to fully understand the difference of Polykinetics---Hint: it's something you feel, not something you can see. 


You'll feel the profound difference within the very first sequence.  Therefore, I greatly encourage trying one of the kinetic sequences I have posted below, and test yourself to see how long you can last. Rest assured, each one of these sequences has been extensively tested personally to ensure their safety regardless of age or ability.

All you have to do is simply choose a sequence posted below and follow my lead and always remember to stay consistent with the pulse of the sequence at all times. If you aren't able to do this then you've just learned one area of brain-body improvements that Polykinetics will help strengthen. If you are someone who struggles with maintaining melodic rhythm, congratulations, you are in the group majority.  Surprisingly, people of all ages and physical abilities can struggle with this motor skill, but then again, it's just that, a skill.  And it's my belief that the human brain can be rewired to adapt to new skills with the proper training and practice.  How long does that process take? Well, scientifically speaking, everyone can be a little different since our biological brains are both, very similar, and very distinct at the same time. However, one trait we all possess is the ability to learn new information, and then be taught how to apply that information to get to reach our individual goals.

This type of session also helps induce what is called kinetic meditation. Now this is just like any other meditation used to relieve compounding stress, but, it's also an affective strategy  (yes, affective with an "a") because of how it provokes an emotional response, only difference being instead of sitting still/static, you're body is in a perpetual state of consistent movement.  This helps you to ensure that each one of your exercise executions are consistent in applied pressure and maintaining your overall form. 

Enough talk! Let's work!

SAFETY DISCLAIMER: Please consult your physician before beginning any fitness/exercise program to ensure your individual ability to perform kinetic sequences without increased risk of injury.  If needed, you absolutely can do this first sequence from a sitting position.  Just make sure your arms are completely clear of any possible obstructions.


If you're unsure or would rather try a guided kinetic sequence with an instructor, then please feel free to send an email with a date and time that best suits you. We will contact you to confirm you appointment, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Sequence #3


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