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TRY polykinetics!


At first glance, visually, Polykinetics looks to easy to actually work, but that's the beauty of this technique. It simple so no more frustrations and you get total controlled over applied effort (intensity) every step of the way.

So many are skeptical but it's something you'll start to feel in under 60 seconds!

Polykinetics uses well known, simple body weight exercises synchronized to a particular tempo/beat.  Most exercises are set to either 2-count, 4-count or 8-count beats.


Instead of metronomes, Music is used for various obvious reasons (duration of time, speed, movement selection), however, the biggest reason being it will consistently build muscle and burn fat safely and effectively! 

This is something you have to try yourself!!

SAFETY DISCLAIMER: Please consult your physician before beginning any fitness/exercise program to ensure your individual ability to perform kinetic sequences without increased risk of injury.  If needed, you absolutely can do this first sequence from a sitting position.  Just make sure your arms are completely clear of any possible obstructions.


If you're unsure or would rather try a guided workout with an instructor, then please feel free to send an email with a date and time that best suits you. We will contact you to confirm you appointment, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.