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Destroying the Excuses: "I don't have time!"


I knew that if this method was as great as it was appearing to be, then my theory that no logical and well-known fitness related excuse should be able to stand up to it. The SELF Method and Polykinetics would ultimately and completely debunk or counter every single excuse thrown at it. And that's exactly what I did.

--I compiled many fitness/workout excuses people use or have used *raises hand in pure guilt* to not get involved with physical fitness. People love the thought of getting fit and being fit, not many are thrilled about the "physical" part....for one reason (excuse) or another.

So it's time we do the ONE BY ONE elimination series. Each post will be focused on a single excuse and explaining or demonstrating how Polykinetics trumps them all! Let's start with every one's favorite...including my own: TIME!!!!

EXCUSE: "I don't have time" --I have this and I have that. Yea I get it. I get it because I've been there, hell, I'm still there, but this was the very first excuse I was able to demolish when testing it against the Polykinetics method.

ELIMINATION EXPLANATION: I am a mom, ran a busy household, the kid, the cat, the bills, studying, researching, designing, building, promoting a resale company out of a spiral bound notebook to making enough to help support my family (milestone moment), working midnight shifts up towards 6 days a week (4.5 years), mommyhood when I got home at 6:00am = no sleep!! Cooking + cleaning + shopping...laundry,'s a hell of a juggling act. I also would volunteer when I was able to. It gets crazy at times but that's life!

Polykinetics is designed to conform to those types of chaotic lifestyles. I couldn't commit a whole hour where I wasn't being pulled this or that way by my little one or daily responsibilities, both of which came before my fitness ambitions. That life fact alone immediately ruled out more than 3/4 of ALL EXISTING methods out there today. At this time in my life it would be rare that I would get that kind opportunity without making sacrifices or scheduling changes to everyday life.

HOWEVER ...I DID have 3-5 minute gaps at a time, therefore I utilized what I had, and this is why Polykinetics is dictated by music. It makes vision a secondary sense. This way, it didn't conflict with my day to day responsibilities or compromise my visual attentiveness on my daughter. A hidden plus was that music was something that she enjoyed as well! --There were many extra benefits right of the back just by taking the importance off the visual and shift it to auditory. Most profoundly, since my workouts are specially sequenced to any song, I could now utilize those 3-4 minute workouts with the time gaps throughout a single hour. This solved my time conflict immediately. The small "time gaps" throughout the day were perfect micro-opportunities for me to listen to the music I loved, while doing Polykinetics without any compromise!

One song = one workout...simple

By doing this, I was able to collectively work up to 1.5-2 hours of Polykinetics within a 24 hour period. Again, all without conflict or compromise to my already rather chaotic life.

--The CDC recommends at least 10 minutes to each workout to reap cardio and respiratory benefits, so all you have to play a couple more songs and DONE! Very simple excuse to debunk!

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