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Stress Management is V I T A L!!!


“Psychological stress can lead to chronically high blood pressure, known as hypertension. Hypertension is the most common and most dangerous, which in turn, predisposes them to other cardiovascular disorders such as, heart attack and stroke”

THE WILL: Improve your health almost immediately by regulating the amount of daily stress you’re exposed to! The more sensitive you are (since some are more resilient than others) to daily stress the higher your risk is of cardio-derived health complications.

THE WAY: Find a constructive/productive outlet that you profoundly enjoy to do alone. Pick something you can do whenever you are feeling unusually high levels of stress/anxiety. This is a great way to defend your physical health from everyday stresses.

–Can’t control negative things from happening to us in life all the time, but you can control how they affect you!

For me, my outlet is this fitness method. For nothing more than I know I can utilize it at absolutely any moment I feel The need for an “instant outlet” when stresses start to overwhelm me..pushing me towards a possible anxiety attack. The workouts relieve the physical frustration of wanting to hit something, a feeling we all can relate to …the music relates to my struggle; giving me a sense of validation or motivation to “conquer the world!” (Which at times even makes me laugh), and the mentality is one of a personal empowerment and ultimately an accomplishment if I make it through the physical workout. –The combination of those 3 aspects is how I am able to positively and productively manage/regulate my own anxiety & stress disorders.

All in all, since I see myself really no different than someone else dealing with difficult times, stress-derived complications….I would think a similar physical outlet would be just as effective on them as it is on myself.

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