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Kinetic Breakdown - "Bass Cannon"

•SONG: “Bass Cannon” by Flux Pavilion (YouTube) •DURATION: 5:08 •PRIMARY AREA OF FOCUS (PAOF): Core + heavy lower body (hips to feet) •DIFFICULTY: Moderate

J1 (low intensity) J2 (moderate) J3 (highest, give it all you’ve got!!) VCC (vertical core crunch aka base move)

{ 0:00 – 0:14 } – Warmup (static freestyle stretches) From a standing position, stretch out inner thighs and back of the legs!

••ROUND 1•• { 0:14 – 0:27 } BASE VCC/J1, Keep feet shoulder width apart. Pulse-contracting the upper core muscles, get the blood pumping QUICKLY!

{ 0:28 – 0:54 } SQUATS/J1, Dig deep and stay conscious of your posture/form! Go as deep as you can according to your physical level. Don’t let your pride cause you to get hurt….pace yourself and STAY ON TEMPO!!

{ 0:55 – 1:23 } ALT. VCC/J2, Alternating from the left to right side of the core, Pull elbows down toward hips to increase muscle tension.

{ 1:23 – 1:50 } SQUATS/J2, higher intensity = deeper squats! Focus on the quality of each squat you do, protect your knees & lower back. Adjust your depth if needed, but go as low as you physically can!

{ 1:50 – 2:17 } ALT. VCC/J3, just as before but increase the intensity of your muscle contractions. Keep back straight and arms close to the body. No chicken wings!! Keep elbows in!

{ 2:17 – 2:31 } •••THE BREAK•••

Use this time to grab a quick drink of water, letting all of your muscles relax completely, slightly decrease your heart rate (prevents hyperventilation!) and stretch legs accordingly if needed! Return to the original static position and get ready for round 2!

••ROUND 2•• { 2:32 – 2:44 } BASE VCC/J2, Keep feet at least shoulder width apart.

{ 2:45 – 3:13 } SQUATS/J2. Same as before! Maintain focus on quality & form!

{ 3:13 – 3:40 } ALT. VCC/J3 Alternating side to side, same as before just at a higher intensity! Keep feet in static balance position.

{ 3:40 – 4:07 } SQUATS/J3!! By now your legs and butt should be on FIRE! If not, your squats aren’t deep enough..go lower! If intensity is too high, make squats more shallow (bounce squatting), maintain posture & tempo!

{ 4:07 – 4:36 } BASE VCC/J2, Start cool down, intensity drops, again slowly decreasing the HR…

{ 4:36 – 5:07 } COOL DOWN! Relax all muscles and stretch out legs and core as in the warmup to prevent muscles from cramping up…


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