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Polykinetics workout breakdown "Let It Go" by The Neighbourhood to help process negative emotions

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

On a psychological level, I love this sequence because the lyrics are ideal for those who tend to internalize pain, where a lot of mental illnesses and disorder originate from. Not knowing how to express those emotions safely and beneficially....this is why I exercise!

The video helps to emphasize that struggle.

The video is in black and white which I relate to the feeling of apathy that is often found in depressive episodes. This song also instills a message of "don't obsess what people say and do because it'll just destroy you from the inside out"

On a physiological level, this sequence starts out with simple leg lifts and gradually increases in difficulty over time without changing the move. With the focus on the lower body and it helps to improve your general balance, builds up vital muscles in the legs, hips and lower back, as well as, the muscles around the knee joint itself.

Cardio-induced as to strengthen your heart and respiratory system. Increasing oxygen intake which is vital for mental clarity.

Let's get moving....

Song: “Let It Go” – The Neighbourhood Duration: 3:13

AOF: Moderate cardio + Heavy lower body (full legs) –Focus on maintaining your balance with the speed fluxes.

Overall difficulty: Beginner

REMEMBER: Your No. 1 priority is to maintain your balance and stay on beat!

0:00 – 0:11 = GET READY - Stand straight, feet together, back straight & shoulders pulled back. Arms resting at the sides.

0:12 – 0:37 = FORWARD FACING (FF) ALT. LEG LIFTS (2/4 speed) - J1 INTENSITY Lift leg at the knee to 90 degree angle (or higher based on physical abilities) with the knees facing forward, toes pulled back (Think: Barbie feet..the calve muscles should engage with every lift) alternating from left to right. Keep your core straight and shoulders pulled back…think of walking with perfect posture up a staircase in high heels.


Same move, just double the speed, maintain the beat and again watch your balance! Maintain posture/form…your core should not bend forward at all! Correct yourself if you notice this happening.

1:05 – 1:29 = SIDE TO SIDE (S2S) ALT. LEG LIFTS (back to 2/4) J2 INTENSITY Alternating again from left to right, pull legs up at an angel to your chest (contracting the sides of the core) and step down off to the side.

Think of a triangle or the letter "A". Maintain balance & keep excessive “rocking” to an absolute minimal.

The more you “rock” from side to side the more it increases cardio intensity and could also throw off your body’s equilibrium, causing you to stumble.

1:30 – 1:54 = S2S ALT. LEG LIFTS (4/4 SPEED) J3 INTENSITY — Same as before, maintain focus on quality/posture/balance! Stay on tempo!

1:55 – 2:06 = ••BREAK•• Get a quick drink, relax all muscles! BREATH DEEP! Return to beginning stance. Feet together, back straight, arms at your sides

2:07 – 2:20 = FF ALT LEG LIFTS J1 (2/4 SPEED)

2:20 – 2:32 = FF ALT LEG LIFTS J2 (4/4 SPEED)

2:33 – 3:12 = S2S ALT LEG LIFTS J3 (4/4 SPEED) – Give it all you’ve got!!!


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