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Kinetic Breakdown: "Sierra Leone"

SONG: "Sierra Leone" by Mt. Eden

TIME: 4:52


AOF: Upper body - Arms/shoulders --High Anaerobic/Low cardio

This workout can also be modified and done from a sitting position!

Overall difficulty*: HARD!

Fit tip: *Increase the overall difficulty by adding free weights but be very cautious with this one, start light to prevent over-stressing the elbow joints. Gradually increase weight after you've successfully completed the entire workout at least once. The higher the free weights the higher the difficulty. Enjoy.

0:00 - 0:13 = Intro/Stretch --Focus solely on stretching the arms and shoulders. Keep legs at shoulder-width, and back STRAIGHT!

0:14 - 0:16 = Assume position of Attention and slowly raise arms up and straight out to the sides. Hands are in fists (or firmly gripping free weights, forearm muscles should be contentiously engaged) Arms should be even with the shoulders.

0:18 - 0:27 = TENSION HOLD (T-hold) --Simply hold arms outward and focus on muscle engagement. Your shoulder blades should be close together and arms level. Keep your hands in a fist formation to keep the forearm muscles engaged. Legs remain isometric throughout the workout.

0:28 - 0:39 = ARM FLUTTERS/J1 --Arms move up and down consistent with the tempo. Keep movements in range with the shoulder. Arms should be very stiff with all muscles engaged. Larger arm movements will induce a higher intensity. If done properly, you'll start to feel the burn in your shoulder blades/back, top of the shoulders and neck muscles

0:40 - 1:35 = 360 ROTATION/J2 --Moving arms and fists clockwise. --Maintain focus on your posture and REMAINING ON BEAT!!! Smaller movements = higher intensity.

1:36 - 2:30 = TENSION HOLD --Like before, arms straight out to the sides, hold position. Focus on keeping your fists even with your shoulders. If the intensity is too high slightly drop arms, but not to much or you'll lose your resistance. -For pain management, think of something that really pisses you off! GET ANGRY!!!

2:31 - 2:58 = ARM FLUTTERS/J1 --Maintain your form and coordination with the tempo.

2:59 - 3:53 = REVERSE 360/J2 --Move arms COUNTER clockwise in the same manner as before. Stay cautious of your shoulders and back.

3:54 - 4:47 = TENSION HOLD --Arms straight out, hold position as long as you can, lower slightly to decrease intensity if needed. Maintain posture!

4:48 - 4:49 = DROP ARMS COMPLETELY, DISENGAGE ALL MUSCLES -- Workout complete!

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