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Finding your Flow in Polykinetics

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

This is one of my favorite aspects of Polykinetics.

Finding your body's own unique flow as you do kinetic sequences. This is not something you'll see, but will be something you feel. Now many people ask, "How do you know, if you have flow?", and the easy answer again is that you'll feel it.

You'll feel your active energy all throughout your entire body. Then after finding your flow, comes the feat of maintaining that flow throughout the session.

Flow happens at different times for different people. Some feel it almost instantly, others, it takes a little bit longer; therefore, I knew it was my job to find a pragmatic way of inducing a base flow within Polykinetics...and I do that successfully through the medium of Music!

Yes, music.

The fail-proof and most entertaining way to keep a beat and improve our cognitive functioning. The music helps to maintain your fitness flow, and then each person makes it their own; adding their own forms of self-expression to the sequences.

An idiosyncratic way of working out, and highly effective as well.

Another good way on establishing flow is to do the kinetic sequences with your eyes closed (of course after learning them)

This allows your brain to focus less on what your body looks like and focus more on what your body is feeling, as well as, allowing your mind to maintain focus on your body integrity and quality of thought.

All together, it makes for one hell of a fun and fundamental experience to have.

#flow #fitness #polykinetics #music #bodyintegrity #qualityofthought

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