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Polykinetics: Exercise based psychotherapy

I tell everyone I know who is suffering with symptoms contributed to a mental illness or disorder that if they are not incorporating a cardio-based exercise regimen into a treatment plan, their recovery process could be greatly inhibited. Sad but true! And I can't stress more how this has NOTHING to do with ideal body shapes and sizes, simply because, mental illness doesn't care if you are a size 2 or size 22. Polykinetics is designed to improve brain functioning and optimize cognitive performances, from the smallest details and tasks, to the most complex thoughts or problems. Mental clarity is key and the best way of achieving both, short-term and a long-term, is to EXERCISE (at LEAST 10 minutes each day of cardio per CDC standards).

"The more severe your symptoms,

the more time you should be

committing to physical fitness."

Throughout my research, I have been disappointed to see how much importance and focus is placed on VANITY within mainstream health/fitness communities, and yet, they completely fail at mentioning any of the numerous amazing benefits exercise provides neurologically and psychologically to us. I guess we are still a bit primal in this area. Seriously, the benefits are endless!

Polykinetics removes the body-image obsessions that are responsible for many psychological disorders that we struggle with as a society today. Polykinetics teaches you how to feel instead of relying on what you see and it teaches how to use mental pain that we all experience into an adaptive coping outlet versus maladaptive; such as self-harm and self-mutilation.

Polykinetics also sets a new standard that reduces social bias by reforming the idea of using physical fitness to treat symptoms and even prevent mental illness and certain neurological disorders. One major goal within Polykinetics is to normalize mental health conversation, educate people properly on how exercise directly effects their physical brain and how those effects impact our daily lives, and that education could be the difference between recovery and relapse for many.

Now the idea of using exercise to improve mental health is not a brand new concept, it has been around for a very long time; however, Polykinetics is a methodical technique. There is a specific process to follow and certain disciplines to instill that take the entire recovery and prevention process to a whole new level.

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