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Updated: Feb 4, 2021


The original song is by Adele and I hate not knowing who is responsible for the remix because it's pure fire!!

This sequence goes from nice and chill to straight hyperactive breakout in an instant. Throughout this sequence, I felt a little anger, I laughed (because I kept losing my balance and getting frustrated about it), I teared up for a moment and felt a sense of determination all within the span of 6 minutes and 35 seconds!

That is a lot of emotion to process in such a short time frame, but in doing so, it's like purging the nastiness from your subconsciousness. The feeling afterwards is incredible.

Not to mention the lyrics resonate with me and how I generally feel about my own "Hometown" which is filled with a vast range mixed emotions and perfectly explains the emotional mix I physically experienced while I was doing the sequence.

Legs and body balance come out to play in this cardio packed sequence that you definitely have to try.

Feel free to check out the remix here

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