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What is psychomotor impairment?

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Depression is on a terrifying rise yet so few know the name of this HALLMARK symptom seen in a large number of depressive cases. Now to be honest, the more common name for this condition is actually "psychomotor retardation" or "motor mental retardation", but I'm not totally kosher with using the R-word so freely even if it is part of an actual medical condition, therefore, I only use the word Impairment. --Moving forward

The definition of psychomotor impairment via Wikipedia is:

"....involves a slowing-down and a reduction of physical movement in an individual."

Sound familiar?

Yes, those times when you wake up but can't seem to get yourself out of bed and you just linger around all day with the energy level of a zombie, or knowing you need to wash your hair, but you just can't get yourself to complete the task because the energy drain is so intense it physically hurts and everyone calls you "lazy"?

Well guess what?

You are not lazy, your brain activity and functioning is not at optimum levels because it's trying to protect itself from the effects of the depression, and when that happens, your brain will take energy and power from the "less important" areas to focus on the more important autonomous functions like breathing and keeping your heart pumping.

It is a very tough symptom to get through...for me, probably the MOST difficult symptom to deal with. The days just play out in front of you, and the guilt and self-hate quickly set in because again you know you're not supposed to feel that way, but you don't understand why or you don't know how to explain it to others, well now you do.

Most people with depression experience this, but have no idea that it actually has a medical name. So now you know..... it's chemical, not character. You are not a crappy person because your brain is in a survival mode. You're trying to survive, and that takes nothing less than pure badassery!

Remember that.