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When people with mental illnesses perpetuate stigmas and stereotypes everyone pays the price

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

There is an unfortunate reality I've witnessed with some people with a mental health oriented complication that I'm beginning to see more and more of. --And as someone who has a chronic condition (life long) and who IS passionate about staying healthy and avoiding relapses, it's not only personally hurtful, but it cements the common stigma that people with mental illnesses and/or disorders only complain about their problems but don't do anything to help themselves (or give up too easily --lack determination) to get better.

A horrible stigmatic stereotype indeed. So much so that it allows other hurtful generalizations to exist like, "they're only doing it for attention" or "they're just a miserable person, don't bother", and one way I've seen this pessimistic behavior manifest is when someone with a mental illness publicly cries out and/or pleads for change, asking for others to care and help them, and when someone actually DOES step up to help, THE ONE HELPING is hit with aggressiveness, backlash, hostility, rejection, doubt, and sometimes even verbal insults or physical attacks for wanting to improve a life that they care about or help them with a problem they are passionate about.

I don't care what you are suffering with....THIS IS MORALLY WRONG TO DO TO!! --Almost like it is an insult to those wanting help to actually be offered help. I really don't understand the motives behind this kind of contradicting behavior, I don't, but consequently, because of that behavior, the perpetuating stigma wheel against mental health as a whole continues to spin at full throttle, and this time, the ignorance of the general public is NOT the wind that's fuming the flames.

For me, this is an infuriating behavior considering how high in esteem and appreciation I personally hold the education and ideas from countless people who either directly or indirectly made MY recovery possible and the ones who have equipped me with the tools and strategies to experience long-term success again my Major Depressive disorder, but there are still TOO MANY who have a mental illness/disorder, who DO NOT show any kind of gratitude towards ANYONE or ANYTHING and again, it is only planting the stigma weeds we are supposed to be destroying.

Now, don't get me wrong, people CAN hurt us and put us in compromising situations of course, but many others ALSO CAN put their own well being on the sidelines to help someone or something they care about. I don't think it is fair, in fact, i see it as borderline cruel to discourage and disrespect those who ARE trying to help and WANT to see those they love who have a mental illness get better --Im not saying don't express, I am saying to those with a mental illness need to identify, understand and appreciate when people are genuinely trying to help you because even with a mental illness, you can still treat other people in a civil and respectful manner.

If the help they offer doesn't in fact work, then ok, try something else, but don't metaphorically spit in the faces of those who are willing to take on your crass attitude in order for you to have a better quality of life. Learn to appreciate the good in your life. If you can only see darkness, you are living a single-sided existence and need to do some introspecting to find out why.

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