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Updated: Feb 4, 2021

I finally got a chance to catch up on my reading and saw that Demi Lavato suffered an overdose today, with what, is completely irrelevant to the overall situation; but luckily she was revived with Narcan by first responders. I wish her a speedy recovery.

I've noticed a great majority of those with chronic/severe depression and severe anxiety often struggle with addictions, off and on, and addictions of all kinds: food, sex, gambling, drugs, spending money, drinking, having control/power,....etc, and t's tragic to witness someone so prominent struggle so hard just like the rest of us. Why do we automatically think celebrities are more mental health fortunate or emotionally resilient than us if we are all facing similar struggles? We are ALL HUMANS, and we all deserve a chance to improve the quality of our own lives. This was a primary. Just because you aren't fighting a battle now, doesn't mean you won't be fighting on later, and I wish those who shame people with addictions knew that.

As of today, I don't make any money teaching Polykinetics. I pay my bills and care for my young daughter as a radio dispatcher for police, fire and ems on midnight shifts in St. Louis, MO. --A job I have been doing for nearly 10 years, so I've been involved with public safety and emergency situations enough to see that this is a growing epidemic, and it was this growing epidemic effecting people from ALL WALKS OF LIFE that became my prime motivation to keep working on Polykinetics, even with all the laughing in my face because desperate times call for desperate measures.

Will Polykinetics cure anything? No, but it may give someone a chance to choose to do something beneficial with their pain instead of letting the pain consume them and then they try concealing it with an addiction of some sort...."just to take the edge off", and that IS what Polykinetics can do is take the edge off a potentially critical situation when mental health is involved.

I really wish Demi Lovato knew about Polykinetics, because she is someone who would GREATLY benefit from it.

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