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The Interdisciplinary Difference.

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

This method was originally and primarily inspired by the research done at Harvard on using music to help stimulate brain activity in stroke which the experiment was successful. When I first began this journey, I had an "ah-ha" moment and had the solution or answer first which forced me to having to work backwards to find out how to put all of the individual pieces together. This allowed me to begin to study and build the first 3 core focal points of Polykinetics. A solid starting point to begin my never ending journey to discover and prove the universality and pragmatism of Polykinetics. To prove that Polykinetics is the ultimate in brain and body health optimization and overall best exercise therapy to utilize for those with mental illnesses or behavioral disorders. --I know, it's a steep claim, but I am willing to dedicate my time, effort, energy and MONEY into proving it.

Like I have said before, Polykinetics is very much an interdisciplinary collaboration of various different branches of basic sciences and proven facts, all brought together to create something new from what was already known. So many different pieces of scientific discoveries in human physiology, psychology, neurology and sociology all combined under the perspective element of simplicity. In short, using the body to help heal the brain; an opposite direction from current mainstream methods. For me, the brain will always be far more valuable than the body, and if anyone, Stephen Hawking proved that during his life.

I will show over time how Polykinetics seamlessly utilizes expert-provided, highly empirical information, disciplines and techniques in an "all-in-one" systematic solution; so instead of having 3..4...or even 5 different physical activities to make up a fitness regimen for mental health purposes, now we can simplify the process without jeopardizing benefits because the "lazy fat girl" was overly pissed at getting called "lazy", however, we all remember the "lazy" quote that is often incorrectly attributed as being said by Bill Gates.

“When I have a tough job and can’t find an easy way to do it, I have a "lazy man" put on it. He’ll find an easy way to do it in 10 days. Then we adopt that method.” as stated by Clarence Bleicher.

Well I can say Clarence would be damn proud to know that I created the fundamentals for Polykinetics in only 3 days. I too was looking for the "laziest" aka simplest yet most effective way of improving the body and brain at the same time without compromise or complication. The irony falls on that it took me only 3 days to find the answer but nearly 5 years to research its validity, and I 'm still not 100% there, but I am getting closer each day I continue to pursue my Polykinetics project.

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