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Polykinetics to soon replace walking as most effective form of exercise. It's safer too!

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

FIVE years in and I still stand firm in my theory that Polykinetics will become the next "big thing" to hit the fitness and health communities, and if I am extremely lucky, the biggest thing in the mental health community as well. --To date, walking/running are still said to be the most "efficient and effective for of physical exercise", and for a long time, that WAS true....until 2014, when Polykinetics came to be.

Now, I was never out to dethrone walking/running exercises from the workout hierarchy, that happened on accident; what I was out to do was to create a method that would become the most simplistic yet challenging exercise method that would take health (mental and physical) and overall wellness to the next level. --Change perspective and attitudes towards exercising by changing up the status quo just a bit. Remember, small changes CAN yield big differences. Tony Robbins calls this ideology the "2mm shift"; and well, he's right. Something as little as 2 millimeters can make all the difference, and the exercises used in Polykinetics PROVES that.

Walking is primitive and out-dated, even potentially dangerous depending on where you are walking and running (we have all seen the horrendous headlines); it's time to look towards more progressive, common sense solutions, rather than remain primitive.

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