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What is the Polykinetics Vertical Core Crunch exercise?

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

This is by far my favorite move within the entire Polykinetics method. --It's simplistic, fast-acting, hygienic, small-space friendly, easily adaptive with the capacity to be customized from one participant to another based of their abilities and physical needs. --Just remember two little steps and....voila!

--No more doing out-dated crap that only wastes energy instead of helping to generate it. The vertical core crunch exercise is nothing really new, but it is highly under utilized for this day and age. So, I am going to continue to throw in a few posts here and there to remind you there is a better way to work the core and upper body muscle groups and it all starts from being in a relaxing standing position with your feet shoulder width apart.

**The following was taken from my original blog post from 2015**

The vertical core crunch exercise (VCC) is the most heavily used move within Polykinetics out of any other 2 moves put together. This is because in Polykinetics the primary focus is on the core of the body. --Not only building muscle, but to optimize blood flow and circulation, as well as, increasing oxygen intake to the muscles and brain; allowing you to reap all physical and mental benefits at the very same time WITHOUT complication.

In this post I will explain what a Polykinetics vertical core crunch exercise is. How to do a VCC? Plus, a few different VCC kinetic variations; that allow you to engage more muscle groups by incorporating the upper body or lower body in very strategic ways or readjusting your center gravity.

Let’s begin!

What is a VCC? –Similar in principle to the well-known, conventional crunch exercise, the biggest difference between the two stems from the changes with body stance, from laying down to standing upright, as well as, minimal body repositions that occur naturally as someone successfully performs this exercise movement. What these modifications allow is an equaled weight distribution between the left and right sides (known as: body balance). –The back is straight and hips are comfortably supporting the lower body with ease. Arms resting down at your sides. Simple!

**Posture/form quality and control is vital to the VCC’s effectiveness!

What are the biggest benefits of the VCC exercise?

  • The applied effort and energy required to do a VCC is a fraction of the energy required to do a conventional crunches. Meaning you are able to go more intense and for longer…building up your endurance as you strengthen your muscles than before! Two for the price of one per say.

  • The VCC offers a much more pragmatic body stance with less stress, strain and pressure applied to the neck and spine –IT’S SAFER!

  • Engages all of the core muscles, as well as, the upper back/lower back/chest muscles/shoulders and arms when specific variations are utilized and when they’re applied.

  • Increased oxygen intake to the brain, and helps to prevent hyperventilation; safe-guarding the respiratory system.

  • Improves motor skills, various types of coordination with physical and mental focus.