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Dare to be different!

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

It's said there are roughly more than 300,000 general personal trainers and more than 52,746 yoga instructors in the US alone, yet, 6 years down the road and I'm still the world's only Polykinetics instructor, and honestly, it's getting a little lonely. I hope to be changing that very soon. --Over the next several months. I will be focusing the majority of my efforts in producing various demo videos for Youtube, as well as, looking for individuals who would be interested, and more importantly, appropriately qualified teach Polykinetics at their own respected gym/club/studio/favorite park. --If there is passion, there's potential. End of story.

So I will be actively looking out for particularly unique individuals who I believe to be an ideal Polykinetics' instructor. I know this search will take a very long time, but I am willing to invest that time into those who will become the key leaders in the initial expansion plan. --My ideal Polykinetics' instructor will be someone who likes to shake up the status quo, edgy, unorthodox in their approach who can maintain PK core values and have the right type of mindset to motivate and inspire others to step up and own their fitness future.

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