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The two million dollar questions: How and Why?

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Today, I did my session in front of my girlfriend, and she kind of stared at me in a type of confusion with a touch of immediate disbelief, backed by, "that looks easy", "that looks too easy to actually work" and of course I smiled and yelled out "so does figure skating or skatboarding....they all look easy until you physically try them", as my face began to distort against the growing intensity of the lower body sequence I was doing. --After I finished up, and greatly out of breath, I reiterated to her that Polykinetics' is built upon the ideology of simplicity, but again, she just had this, "how in the hell" look on her face. As I did too when I first began doing this back in 2014.

The 2 questions of "why" and "how" are what triggered my obsession to pursue this method; because I too, had the same bewildered look on my face once I saw my body and initial results after my preliminary 21-day test run. I couldn't believe what I was seeing was my actual body. I had never in my life saw my stomach nearly completely flat with definition around my backside EVER!. It was surreal to me and yes, I did get teary eyed.

Like my girlfriend, I too immediately began to try and figure out what was it that I was doing--what part of this method--was the reason why this technique worked so quickly by barely doing anything. It was a mind-fucking paradox that I knew I had to solve in order to even have the chance to pursue and promote this method. I needed to discover the "how" and "why"......well, after 5+ years, I believe I am just steps away from answering those 2 questions.

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