Highly processed foods aren't just "bad" for your health, they're dangerous!

Like every other US-American, my daily diet consisted of nearly all processed foods. Food that came from boxes and seasoning packets to boot. Anything quick, convenient, and of course, tasty. Little did I know or realize how bad my "western diet" was damaging my health, and not just my body, but my brain as well. To make matters worse, I had an eating disorder; I was a binge eater. So not only am I eating all this highly processed food, but binge eating highly processed food. Until, it ended up costing me my gallbladder at 35 years old. A procedure that is more prevalent in people over the age of 60. --It was a defining moment for me because I immediately knew having my gallbladder removed was directly linked to my diet of highly processed foods.

I had hit an ultimate frustration with my diet, therefore, I chose to do a little experiment motivated by my frustration just to see how "bad" American made processed food really was. I was going to toss any and all processed foods literally in the trash and switch to eating pretty much the Mediterranean diet--little to no dairy, little lean meat (under 8 oz in a week), zero refined sugar, and the majority of my diet consisting of either raw or steamed veggies and raw fruits. It took me less than a week to realize how dangerous highly processed food commonly found in a "western diet" really was. --I was equally shocked and horrified, and I knew I needed to tell as many people as I could.

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