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What is kinetic meditation?

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

In short, kinetic meditation is inducing a meditative state while your body is physically in motion versus sitting still. I personally cannot sit still for very long, therefore, tradition meditation wasn't practical for me. Kinetic meditation is nothing new, it's just not well known, and for those like me, this style of meditation is a complete game changer.

Kinetic meditation is commonly found in various religious communities when they are in prayer, as well as, Tai Chi and yoga. It is believed that adding movement to meditation increases concentration and emotional intensity (Eisenberg 2004:360).

And that's what you want to happen when you are doing Polykinetics. You want to build up that emotional energy so it can be applied to your physical efforts while you do the sequence. The more intensely you focus the more effective the session. Simple.

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