Plans for 2020

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

In a few days....Polykinetics will officially be 6-years-old. I'm very excited to see a GLOBAL public interest continue to grow (no matter how slowly it may seem) each day, someone, somewhere is finding out about Polykinetics, and I'm celebrating literally HUNDREDS of new fans across my social platforms.

This year is looking to be a very "make it or break it" kind of year. I've been offer some opportunities that could skyrocket my efforts, and get Polykinetics in front of people that have clout and the know how to really get this method where it needs to go.

I have also officially set the date for my first public training session for mid May. It will be set up as either a 1 or 2 day workshop in hopes of recruiting new instructors who will help me get Polykinetics adopted into places where it will do the most good, as well as, begin to hold weekly sessions locally. If all goes well, I will expand my efforts to hold training sessions throughout the St. Louis area.

I am looking forward to making new Youtube video posts, have more video discussions, really push forth every ounce of everything I have in me into getting Polykinetics into the mainstream.

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