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Anger creates more momentum but takes more time to physically process than love and happiness

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

You would think it would be the opposite right? Well, for my weird ass it isn't which made me want to look at myself even deeper than ever before and ask...."why?"

People love throwing around the word love as a cure-all to everything distressing to us in life, and unfortunately, that's one of those limited bullshit beliefs these people continue to tout ALL OVER social media.

Not everyone comes from a background of love and light and not everyone knows how to love or be loved, and by these assholes stressing this "love conquers all" crap on the daily as many have since the 1970's...they are indirectly self-righteously shaming those who cannot reach that level of continuous supposedly genuine state of euphoria they tend to portray in their social media posts.

I experience most emotions on a daily basis.

I live on a nonstop emotional spectrum because that part of my brain has occurred significant damage over time

Every single day...

I laugh

I cry

I get frustrated

I get upset, angry, overwhelmed, forget things, space out and then snap back into a purely determined mindset, and with each of those emotions as "quickly" as they may come and go, THEY ALL come with a domino effect of neuroelectric and neurochemical events that can wreck havoc if not processed properly; physically and mentally, and that's why I workout the way that I do.

I have no "choice" in the matter (another fucking word that likes to be touted as a cure-all for all woes....just chose not to be _______ anymore) *Gag*

I can only speak for myself since I'm not a doctor (that would be my partner) but if I don't get that oxygen and cerebral blood flow going, it could spell absolute disaster to my recovery efforts and inhibit my full remission---three days without sufficient exercise and I start slipping into depressive symptoms. The onset can be that quick for me.

This is the downside of having a mood disorder.

These reactions take very little to trigger; both positively and negatively, and don't take long to get "out of hand". In my world, knowing this, leads me to hit preventative efforts hard as hell with no apologies to anyone.

From my research and experience, to some, love is the ultimate motivator. To many it IS the cure-all, but what about the rest of everybody else....are we just S.O.L.?

I say no.

Many times....anger, not love, leads my physical efforts in my MOST INTENSE workout sessions.

As much as I love being in a state of "love"; "anger" forces us to face what we fear most of all and requires we have grit, discipline, and tenacity in order to overcome it.

Words not commonly associated with "love".

I did an experiment on my Facebook page not to long ago that I found to be interesting.

I went rhythmic walking but was in 2 different emotional states when I did them.

One round, I purposely focused on "love and light" and did relatively well....10,000+ steps, however, when I used "anger" as my primary emotional motivator, I hit over 12,000! Not an astronomical difference, no, but unique to say the least about using anger in more positive and productive ways.

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