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ANOTHER Excuse destroyed: “I don’t want anyone to see me”

EXCUSE: “I am too embarrassed” “I don’t want anyone to see me”

EXPLANATION: Now this is one that I can greatly relate to.  When I first started this method, that was my 2nd biggest challenge next to time itself.  I was very embarrassed.  This excuse was what kept me from going to gyms or meeting with friends to workout with.  I didn’t want anyone to see all my “fluff” flying all over the place or see how hard I struggled when I first started. Those were quite personal moments for me, and I would expect them to be different for anyone that has used this excuse in the past.  That’s why I started doing Polykinetics in my kitchen……I didn’t even want my daughter to see me at first. So the kitchen gave me the best area to workout in, as well as, maintain a conscious eye on my hyperactive daughter. Win/win!

This is a hidden benefit within Polykinetics. You can do this method virtually ANYWHERE.  My area of choice just happened to be the kitchen, but again, if you have a space big enough to stretch your arms out and feet shoulder width apart……you’re good to go!  You can discreetly do a Polykinetics workout wherever and whenever once you get down the basics.  This is a method all about FREEDOM!  Having the freedom to choose whatever music that fits your style, freedom of being able to control how hard or how light you push the intensity of each workout, freedom to choose an area that best suits your needs, freedom from the mainstream complexities and crap that doesn’t either work or doesn’t last….TRUE FITNESS FREEDOM!

This excuse is officially destroyed!

–Come January 2015, I will be posting various workouts via Youtube to help those who have reached out to me over the past year get a solid jump start for a fresh new year.  The Youtube workouts will show people just how simplistic fitness really can be once you successfully remove all the complexities that have been attached by industry “professionals” over the years, and I continue to welcome skeptics and fans alike to try their damnedest to shoot down this method….all I say is……GOOD LUCK!

Polykinetics IS completely excuse-proof!!!!!

Polykinetics is a miracle method.

Polykinetics is a miracle method.

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