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Be a progressive, not a perfectionist!


This is by far my favorite piece of philosophical advice. Simple and concise. For me, each day is an opportunity to do better than the day before in ANY aspect of your life: personally, professionally, spiritually, physically, mentally......any-ally.

All you need do is choose what area of life to focus on and then identify where within that area needs improvement and what it will take to do so. Easier said than done, however, my default focus area is always the same because to me, it's my most prized health and wellness.

I live my life daily catered to improving either my physical or mental health, and most times, both simultaneously with Polykinetics. It's an area of my life that is ALWAYS in need progress and improvement. It's an easy answer for me, as it is for countless others, but for many this is a hell of a lot easier said than implemented. I an extent.

In life we all have our boundaries and barriers, yes that is true. However, it is ALSO true that if a problem exists than so does a solution or the problem itself would cease to exist seeing that we live in a dualistic world. So when you acknowledge a problem, you're also subconsciously acknowledging that there's also a solution, and if you can't find it.....create it!

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