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Big opportunity coming!!!

Coming up is the biggest opportunity for Polykinetics since designing it over a year ago.  In about a week, I will be interviewing and demonstrating Polykinetics to a gym owner that has shown great interest in adopting this as an enhancement and conditioning method; complimenting programs they already offer (Crossfit/Olympic weight lifting,etc).  I nearly dropped the phone when they asked me to come, and have been on cloud nine pretty much since, but it wouldn’t be natural if my mind didn’t start conjuring up hypothetical situations… are a few that have been popping up:

#1!! Thought: “You don’t look like a typical fitness trainer” Response: This isn’t a typical fitness method

Thought: “It looks funny/weird” Response: You can deny what you see, but you can’t deny what you FEEL

Thought: “This isn’t extreme, it must not work” Response: No it’s not, it’s INTENSE! And I’m proof it works!

When I collectively look at those 3 particular thoughts…I almost instantly smile over the anxiety they come with.  Even though my fear is strong my love for doing this, and my drive to teach others is much stronger.  I know this method is unconventional and it questions and/or debunks many mainstream fads and some popular fitness advice, but that’s part of the beauty in it.  This method isn’t based off of fads or extremes. –It’s so simplistic at first glance, yet so intense to physically do.  A true physical fitness paradox.

The progress continues…….I hope this demonstration will be the door I was hoping to come across that could lead to the first Polykinetics classes being formed, and a new chapter to my story.  All I know to do right now is to stay on track, keep training and just be ready for what may come my way! I’m ready to make some waves!

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