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Coincidence or correlation?

Polykinetics at its core is composed of 3 major areas….




Each of these points are absolutely vital to the Polykinetics method.

Remove just one of them, and the entire method falls apart.

There is something particular about how these 3 areas intertwine with each other that truly sets this method dramatically apart from all others.

It wasn’t until just recently did I see the “coincidental correlation” between the 3 vital areas of Polykinetics and the famous quote made by Nikola Tesla.


Now do I believe that Polykinetics is a key to a universal problem? I do find it coincidental enough that Polykinetics itself has several “universal qualities” within its design.

Meaning that it will challenge a beginner just as it will challenge someone who has been going to the gym regularly. It will identify a strength, either physical or mental, in each person, as well as, an area of improvement. This is because we are all human and hold these traits.

Where one person may have a strength of solid endurance, they may have a weakness in sequential coordination (motor skills), regardless of which strength and weakness appears, for each person, these traits have always appeared.

Another universal characteristic this method contains is simply music, like I have said before and well beyond common knowledge, that music itself is a universal medium that we all have in common.

We may have different tastes in style and different levels of admiration, but the common denominator being….everyone is attracted to music, and Polykinetics seamlessly conforms without effort.

Interesting to say the least.

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