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For those who actually give a damn about eliminating mental illness stigma

Lately I have seen a lot of prominent people and celebrities "speaking out" about mental health, and it's been giving me mixed emotions. Years ago, seeing celebrities TALK (keyword) about mental health and illnesses made me all excited, but now....several years later, I am tired of talking. Talking is not enough for so many people still suffering in silence who are not strong enough (yet) to verbally open up about the details of what has happened to them or the thoughts they have in their head.

Yet these massive social influencers are still pussyfooting around "talking" and not acting. There's a reason why it's called ACTivism! I was taught that the way to do anything big, to change the world, is through MASSIVE ACTION (Thank you Tony R.) To me, I interpret that into doing what I have been doing over the last several years.....physically developing Polykinetics and making it available to anyone who would find it valuable to their recovery or treatment.

With that said.....this open letter is for those who actually give a damn about creating natural advances and preventative measures that will ACTUALLY and physically help people by giving them a solution that does not use conventional settings or methods. A type of therapy that doesn't look or feel anything like typical therapy. Normalizing those who are suffering the most with their illness/disorder and in return reduce the amount of ridiculous stigma that shouldn't even exist in today's world.

So if you actually care about helping those with mental illnesses and disorders....please read this open letter, copy and paste it, share it with anyone and everyone that you feel will help get the word out about it or could benefit from it themselves. It could save someone's life.

Actions speak louder than words, and this proves it!

Feel free to read my open letter to the mental health community here

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