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Six years later........

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Six wonderful years since all of this marvelous mayhem began, and I get to smile today knowing that my theories from when I first began are still holding true.....6 years later. A small part of me was always prepared for someone to come in and completely collapse my principles and perspectives, but to date.....still waiting.

In case you missed those first few blog posts (which caused a little more heat than I anticipated) back in the day, no worries, here's a quick recap!

Theory 1: Polykinetics is completely excuse-proof. Still holding true. To date, not one well known exercise-related "excuse" has debunked this method. Not one. My favorite one to drill into others is the infamous "I don't have time". To debunk this super popular excuse, I have been sharing an upper body cardio-infused-anaerobic sequence that you can do in less time than a set of commercials during your favorite show.

Theory 2: Polykinetics is universally demographic. Still holding true. Upon reviewing some stats from old PK blogs, to date, Polykinetics has reached more than 85 different countries and is showing a lot of promise and potential in the United Kingdom and Canada (USA was #4!) --I hope to further its global reach by having some brilliant bilingual friends of mine assist in translating the website and videos, but that is a future goal for now.

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