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This is going to be a fun post (no pun)! There’s two parts to this one…’ll see what I mean.

EXCUSE:  “This crap is boring/unsustainable motivating”

ELIMINATION EXPLANATION:  This is another favorite of mine.  I, myself, am very hard to physically motivate.  Easier to mentally motivate me, but physically is like trying to beat a dead horse….ESPECIALLY when it comes to getting fit.  With all other programs and methods I’ve tried, this excuse is always in my top 5 reasons!

Exercising sucks….you are choosing to put yourself in physical distress, which causes a mental challenge immediately within fitness.

My cure?

M.  U.  S.  I.  C!

Working out I hate to do….but music, I love!  Old music, new music, weird music….I love it all.  I love how music has the ability to take your state of mind from zero to hero in 2.9 seconds when you REALLY love a particular song.  Therefore, this method only gets boring if you don’t change up the music, using music you hate, or fail to change move combinations.  Since the moves are simplified, that allows myself to create literally DOZENS of different calisthenic combinations to a single song. I have done Polykinetic workouts to over 350 songs from various different genres…it conforms perfectly with any song you choose. Nice huh?

In the beginning I would play the same song over and over again, without realizing it because simply enough, I didn’t care….I LOOOOOOVED the song itself.  Music gave me pleasure when I was experiencing the pain and it will always been my biggest physical motivator. Music makes you want to move!

Partnering with music is in fact, pain…sorry, but it is.  In the middle of a workout with these simplistic moves and awesome beats….is pain, and when this happens, your brain does something awesome….it automatically stops focusing on WHAT you’re doing (the moves) and shifts the focus to the music and mentally overcoming that gradual increase of the burning while concentrating on the workout’s speed and intensity change-ups.

It becomes a “brain game” in a way.  I use music to motivate, stay on tempo, and battle through the fat burning sensations. The love for the music becomes stronger than the pain. I can’t say how many times I would be dancing around with my legs KILLING ME in heels, but the song just wouldn’t let me stop….I apply the same principles within Polykinetics!

……2nd part……

FOLLOW-UP EXCUSE: “Well everyone listens to music when they workout”

FOLLOW-UP EXPLANATION: Yes and No!  Yes, most listen to music, but NO, they don’t utilize it the same way Polykinetics does.  This technique is what grabbed all of the university and medical professional interests just because I was using music from a neurological aspect which yielded some amazing hidden benefits they don’t talk about in mainstream. Simply, applying a neurological stimulus to obtain a physical effect.

Polykinetics takes conventional passive listening and transforms it into the most powerful medium that ultimately dictates your entire workout. This is why I tell clients to “choose their songs wisely!” –I use the music to set different speeds and intensity levels to the moves throughout the duration of the song. Each song is a “different” workout, and a new “routine” to your body. (muscle confusion without mental confusion)

In conclusion, this method is not only self-motivating by effectively applying music differently, but your body will never plateau due to constant interval changes in speed and intensity. Each workout is as unique as the music you partner it with.


Different? Yes!

Boring? NEVER!

This excuse is destroyed!


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