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Annnddd….another one bites the dust!

EXCUSE: I don’t have a lot of space

ELIMINATION EXPLANATION: When I first started designing this method, I wanted to design a method that would again, conform to MY lifestyle and environment, and that meant being able to do Polykinetics at anytime and at any place. Short version… don’t need a lot of space to do Polykinetics.

Since Polykinetics is done from a vertival/static position with concentrated moves, the frustration of having to move furniture out of your way before you get started (wasted energy) has been completly removed!

If you have enough room to stand up and extend your arms out to your sides without bumping into anything or stand with your feet shoulder length apart without stepping on something, then you have more than enough space to do one of these workouts. SIMPLE!

Growing up in small houses has a tendency of making one very space-conscious. The smallest area that I have used when doing a Polykinetics workout was a 12″x12″ (INCHES) squared area according to my floor tiles. Now obviously, if you are taller than me, then you’ll need a little extra, but again, no more needing to move the furniture or waste vital energy clearing your floor to workout! This excuse just does not hold water!



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