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Now next to time, this was my 2nd favorite excuse to eliminate! And it was so sweet when I did!

Excuse: Physical fitness methods out there are too hard or difficult for me, I am too far gone!

Elimination Explanation: Being a competitive martial arts fighter, I am not foreign at all to injuries. I have dozens of fractures in both hands, both feet, dealt with weak ankle & knee joints (always popping out of joint, causing me to “twist” them) Which is why I hated running despite the benefits. The fear and pain of twisting ankle/knee joints were far more powerful than the positives with running! Bye treadmills and marathons!! And don’t get me started with the chronic lower and upper back pains!

I’ve been through horrible car accidents, various injuries from fighting bullies, and most recently, a c-section surgery that left my lower abdominal muscles in complete RUINS! 20+ years of past injuries and the weight-related body damage severely limited my options when it came to getting into physical fitness. All current programs had one hidden safety risk or another; all of which excluded them from being a logical and sustainable fitness solution for me.

Those were the physical challenges I had to overcome when I started designing Polykinetics and The SELF Method, which is why there is a “level 0” within this method. This level was inspired by the hundreds of people I’ve spoken to that felt they were just “too far gone” and to them and myself, even standing in a line became too painful to do after just a few minutes.

The Polykientics “Level 0” drills are the same tactics and strategies, but from a sitting position. This is unique in helping those, like myself, rebuild weak knees and ankle joints/muscles; strengthening the crucial parts of the body’s foundation that paves the way to rebuilding a stronger body base and core. It’s the lowest impact on fragile areas, and since the tactics and strategies are the same throughout the entire method, you seamlessly move into the next level with absolute confidence and zero fear!

Polykinetics is specifically designed to put YOU in control of the overall potential effort of each drill. Only YOU know what your body is feeling when you workout. Not your Facebook buddies or your best friend…..only you! Therefore, ONLY YOU, know how hard you can safely push yourSELF and know when to pull back. The simplistic moves give you full control!! You are put in the driver seat of your own car instead of being a passenger-side driver in someone else’s!

Typical programs say “just do as many pull-ups as you can within this time” –I couldn’t even do 1 (instant disappointment and negative reminder of just how much my body sucked!) and I’d end up hurting myself trying to impress the TV! Or be left out until they did something different. Craziness!! They were all too difficult to focus on what I was doing, keep up with their complex movements/position transitions AND trying to breathe! IT’S TOO MUCH!!!

Within Polykinetics, you take control! As an instructor, I’m there to set the baseline (choosing appropriate drills), improve your body form/balance and encouraging you to keep going; but ultimately, it’s you that decides how HARD to push and WHEN to push. That all depending on how your body feels to you throughout the duration of a workout. The process remains simplistic!

I won’t sugarcoat it….life long REAL improvements isn’t without soreness. Being sore is apart of the physical fitness journey, but being injured is not! This method teaches you the how to feel and recognize the differences between stretching, straining and strengthening muscles and joints safely! We don’t just throw you out there and say “good luck!”, that’s irresponsible!

This is why simplicity is a core priority in Polykinetics right next to safety.

–Simplify the process = a massive decrease in risk of injuries, so that YOU can control the magnitude of your efforts with each and every workout you do!


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