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Exercise based program for cognitive therapy aimed at depression and anxiety symptom

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tell everyone I know who is suffering with symptoms contributed to a mental illness or disorder that if they are not incorporating a cardio-based exercise  regimen into their treatment plan, they are subconsciously sabotaging their own long-term recovery.

Harsh but true!  And this has NOTHING to do with the ideal body shape and size. 

This type of fitness is designed to benefit the brain directly and optimize how it performs everything from the smallest details and tasks to the most complex thoughts or problems, your memory, your response time…vital shit! 

Mental clarity is key and the best way of achieving both, short-term and a long-term basis is to EXERCISE DAILY (once a week for 30 mins won’t cut it sweetie!)

The more severe and prevalent your symptoms are, the more time you should be committing to using physical fitness in combination with other aspects of your overall treatment plan. Don’t forget many roads to recovery could require medications and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Throughout my research, I have been disappointed to see how much importance and focus is continuously placed on VANITY within the mainstream health/fitness communities, and yet, they completely overlook the amazing benefits exercise provides neurologically and psychologically.

Remove completely the body-image obsessions that are responsible for many psychological disorders that we struggle with as a society today. Polykinetics teaches you how to feel instead of relying on what you visually see and also teaches how to use pain we all experience into an adaptive coping mechanism verses common maladaptive behaviors.

It will also eliminate the social bias, and reform the idea of using physical fitness to ease the suffering of mental illness and maybe then, we might actually start saving and changing lives, as well as, change how society looks at treatments for mental illnesses and disorders.

One major goal within Polykinetics is to normalize those who struggle with these afflictions by removing the stigma completely.

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