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FIT-shaming?! WARNING: Strong Language!

I was casually reading various different fitness-related articles on Facebook, and I came across a Cosmopolitan post that I actually got pretty excited to read, since the headline spoke of how to “workout anywhere”; using life as a gym. –A perspective that is highly utilized and taught within Polykinetics itself, so I was interested to see what the article generally entailed, and more importantly, read what other people were saying about this type of “life-infused-fitness” mentality, and that’s when my jaw dropped….in horror!

Read the original article here

I guess I was expecting people to be giving their random 2-cents (like myself) on the quirky ways they utilize this “workout anywhere” strategy, but was deeply disturbed to read the exact opposite reaction! The response below was my humble-brag about how I successfully utilize this unconventional workout technique since my lifestyle is non-stop in general, and here was just one of the responses to my benign comment……

This guy had the gull to go after me directly.....big damn mistake!!

This guy had the gull to go after me directly…..big ..damn ..mistake!!

Here are a few other “fit/fat shaming” comments from the same article post…




—So you get the point! Now I am not one to be easily angered by random people online; especially since I have science to back up my claims, but honestly, these comments royally pissed me off! –Apparently “fit and healthy” individuals “fat shaming” and guilt-tripping for an article simply offering workout tips that are “different” than what THEY deem “acceptable”….. WTF?!? I even thought that this Facebook throw-down was a fluke moment until I began to see others expressing similar experiences of being “fit shamed”, people shaming others for their fitness method preferences. –This is almost so dumb it’s hard to even type, let alone, be aware of how often it really does happen!

When I first created the basics for Polykinetics, I was initially nervous because I knew it was fundamentally different in one way or another from mainstream methods, and that some of my strategies/techniques were going to force people to think outside their boxes, and that I would have to explain my angles constantly (which I welcome with open arms), to which nearly all, have been very positive, civil and constructive, but nothing like this garbage! I have even seen moments of this type of “fitness elitism” from HIGH-END PROFESSIONAL trainers as well, to which you can see that I have been equally outspoken against; ousting this dance choreographer’s marketing mentality to the one that I have personally been raised with having a heavy military and law enforcement family background.

When did these types of “fitness focused and healthy-minded” (heavy sarcasm implied!) individuals become so damn condescending, contradicting and closed-minded to innovation? Where did they adopt a mentality that implies, “Get off your fat lazy ass”, to only bash you for not being like the rest of the herd when you do get involved. Shouldn’t they be encouraging fitness, regardless of how people utilize it? It reminds me of a gang of “mean girls” polluting an industry that is supposed to be dedicated to improving the quality of people’s health and lives, not make them worse by discouraging them before they even start! –What do we do to counter “fat shaming” AND NOW having to counter, “fit shaming”?! This is just absolutely ridiculous!!

All-in-all, I say this, I don’t care if you do Polykinetics, running, cycling, crossfit, yoga, or underwater-basket-weaving as your fitness outlet, if it fucking makes you happy, and helps you improve/maintain your health in the way YOU want, then you do the damn thing, and do it with a such a force that it defies the very definition of “passion!” –You have my full support and full respect. –NEVER let toxicity dictate your choices!

And lastly to those guilty of “fat shaming” and “fit shaming”……..HOW FUCKING DARE YOU?! You don’t know ANYTHING about people’s lives, their situations, their stories, or struggles, and you couldn’t give an single damn about reaching out and educating yourself in order to find out, therefore my golden advice, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

*drops mic*


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