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We noticed people have been having difficulties booking Polykinetics sessions online, and we are asking for your patience as we fix this as quickly as possible TODAY. Big changes have been taking place in recent times, and honestly, it's a bit overwhelming for me, but putting my practice in what I preach, I am handling it the PK way: music...movement and a mindset that helps keep my butt on track.

All this time...I had been speaking out and promoting Polykinetics, presumably with no one listening, and now after nearly 7 years (come January)......BOOM!!

A mad rush of others out there wanting to learn more and I'm struggling to keep up whilst not depleting the quality of this "menta-physio" fitness experience.

So as we take a step back today to fix the tech issues and maladaptive emotional thought cycles I'm experiencing, I'll have my headphones firmly on my ears and the music in my mind as I move from a mental state that sabotages to a state that strengthens.

Lastly...Thank you to each and every one of you that have been supporting Polykinetics over the's truly a gift, and thank you to those who are newly curious for being curious and not judgmental.

Y'all my heroes!

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