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Flipping my “negative” experience into a positive opportunity!

My last blog post spoke of my less-than-perfect experience with the Arlington Heights demonstration, and since then, I have been looking for the hidden positives within that negative.  After some brainstorming….I eventually began to see a few unconventional opportunities within this “failure”.

Even though I was denied the chance to showcase Polykinetics to an actual class of people, I still managed to get myself to video record a few of the workouts I had planned to do for the group demonstration. What makes this small win a win is that I had been harboring a deep-seeded fear of being on camera for awhile, and because of that experience, that fear grew, but my determination grew even more.  I knew eventually I would face this type of superficial skepticism, since again, I don’t look like a typical fitness instructor, but I made a solid promise that once I hit my 50% mark in my own progress, acquired the general information to back-up my method’s claims, and regardless of how others may judge me, I would begin to make videos for Youtube….so that is exactly what I am doing at this moment in hopes of getting others involved and taking them along with me as I tackle that other 50% of my own fitness journey.  So instead of people just taking my word, they will be able to see first hand what Polykinetics has to offer them, by using myself as a living example.

I will be using the recorded workouts from March 27th and composing a video comparison of any/all improvements I’ve made in 30 days (April 27th). Yes, I have done this before when I first began creating Polykinetics, only this time, I will be using video instead of just photos, as well as, staying true to my promise to begin posting workouts for others to use.  This is a daunting challenge simply due to the intense anxiety disorders I struggle with daily. One of my strongest triggers for attacks is being video recorded for some reason….I’ve been that way ever since I was a kid…..the odd part is that I don’t have a single difficulty with teaching, but video recordings, I do…. don’t know why, and I don’t care, my goal is just to overcome!

The AH demo disappointment ultimately has allowed me a straightforward path to accomplish both parts of my overall goal, and I have been working on this daily since I returned back to St. Louis.  I have been critiquing my own techniques and know I will be ready to make that giant leap into a very uncomfortable area, but doing so with confidence knowing that my passion always out weighs my fear…..and with this period of time and experiences I’ve had, it is my chance to be able to prove many aspects of the Polykinetics method in terms of mentality and physical effectiveness!  I am taking full advantage of the unique opportunity that will result in these “failures”  turning into successes in the end!

This is just the beginning of what I am wanting to accomplish, and the road will not be an easy one, but regardless, it is absolutely vital to the progress of Polykinetics. Lastly, I actually should thank that gym owner for giving me an ample amount of physical motivation to work with at his expense!  I am already advancing my fitness level due to his shallow mentality!


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