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What Are The Benefits Of Doing Polykinetics With Others?

To do Polykinetics, on my own, is one experience; but to do it with others, is a another experience on its own, and a damn good time if I may add. We always feel better coming out of the session than we did going in...physically and mentally.

Since September 2020, I've been teaching one-on-one online via Zoom and, I absolutely LOVE the feelings I get when I work with others versus working on my own.

There is this amazing exchange of energy. It's difficult to actually describe, but something EVERYONE should experience at least once.

We "play" off of each others strengths and laugh at each others weaknesses because we both are set to a common goal, and we both want to see the other succeed so we actually end up motivating each other back and forth all the way through the session. Some sequences are more challenging than others, but all fun to do in the company of others all the same

During the most intense sessions, will curse without shame and complain about how this sequence killed our thighs and that sequence killed our ass, and no matter how the physical soreness is, we ALWAYS feel recharged and revamped after a session together than on our own.

This is fantastic news for those who like me, really struggle with social anxiety.

I never thought of my teaching online as a way of facing my biggest fear (being on camera), but now that I think of it, it absolutely is. It was simply being masked by my wanting to teach people this amazing way to workout.

I have been using the time I've been working with "E" particularly (for the sake of privacy) to actually help build out how I want to teach Polykinetics from here on. It's still very much a work in progress. There's so much growth happening this year already and it's only February.

It is a massive learning experience and I've been working diligently daily to making it to every single session without fail, and maintaining that one bit of consistency to show myself that I can confidently take on more clients without overwhelming myself or foregoing quality.

I'm happy to say that "E" has been practicing Polykinetics for the last 4 months and her skills get sharper every time we meet. During today's session....during one of the sequences, I dropped my arms, she didn't.

It's been amazing to see her skills go from where they were when we first started working together, to seeing where they are today.

The difference is like oil and water and I couldn't be happier for her.

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