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How to convert emotional pain into physical strength!

Did you know that emotional pain can in fact be converted into a physical strength? Sounds kind of hippie-dippie, but it’s true. This is a strategy that I have been utilizing since first creating Polykinetics, and even though rather new, it’s not foreign to medical professionals….I simply feel that this is a highly underutilized technique that needs to come out into the foreground.

I personally was somewhat exhausted from the countless positive quotes that were non-stop all over my social media sites, and at times….for some reason, they would actually make me mad instead of the intended and inspirational, “I can do it” affect. –Mostly due to my actual positives in real life were very far and few. My negatives greatly out-weighed the optimism I did have, so that left me with an intriguing thought, “How do I use this abundant amount of negative energy in a constructive, and positive/beneficial way?” And this is how I began doing just that…..

When I workout, I am very honest with how I am currently feeling AT THAT MOMENT! –Am I happy and bubbly? or Am I more sad or angry?….regardless, the starting point is always with whatever emotion (either positive or negative) I was feeling. -From there, I would choose a song that related to how I was feeling; since “anger” is a predominant emotion throughout, I’ll use that.

–So completely pissed off, going into my workout, I choose an “angry” type song… I don’t pick upbeat because it doesn’t match the emotion at that moment, therefore, won’t be as effective as having the two “match” each other. Step:2 I mentally DWELL on a thought(s) that made me angry in the first place; pairing the thought, music and the intensity of the workout with the same intense emotion.

One thought I’ve used several times, were incidents of being beat up or feeling neglected by people I trusted…replaying a montage of memories over and over, listening to music that validates, the power of emotions behind the memories, and having the pain of the exercise equal the pain I feel from being hurt by others. When the song ends, the exercise ends, and the dwelling over the negativity ends as well. It’s one big cycle. This is where the fun begins….

Negative feelings/thought are instantly replaced with a sense of accomplishment from overcoming the pain of the exercise, a sense of pride for going head-to-head with areas of life that hurt the most, and absolutely, strength, both, inside and out.

Even though the memory itself is still there, it’s weakened. I’ve given an ultimate purpose to the pain. Again struggles into strength, not new, just from a different perspective.

Even today, the more I utilized this strategy, the more I began to realize that daily distresses, regardless of intensity or when it happened in the past, weren’t as powerful as they were before.

-Shifting the primary focus on the accomplishments, instead of the pain used doing the exercise drill. You’ll be sore, it happens to everyone, but you start seeing the soreness as validation of your well respected efforts to improve your life; a “positive pain”.

This is a unique technique, but it’s one that when continuously practiced, has shown profound results and benefits that reach far beyond just having solid health, it’s peace of mind. No need to bear my darkest secrets out loud and no fear of being labeled this way or that way by society. This is a battle that takes place inside, as well as, the physical improvements….all inside.

No one is exempt from life pains, but we can definitely learn how to take control and utilize their impact to our benefit one set at a time. It’s not a quick fix, but it is undeniable progressive action to take when life hurts the worst.

I never tell people I lost a lot of weight, I say I took back the power of a tremendous amount of pain that I was living with after years of suppressing and concealing it.

The intensity of my effort into each workout, for as long as I continued to feel pain from something in my past. The daily progress in my physical body became ironclad validation that I am overcoming past pains that used to control every aspect of my life. The more I workout, the more pain I let go and the stronger I become on all 3 areas of health: physically, mentally, emotionally.

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