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How to help people you don't like.

Now hear me out, we ALL know there's people here and there that cross our paths and we have no choice in the matter but to interact with them and be effected, and it's easy to be cordial, until it's not. This was what I experienced when my path would cross "toxic" individuals. Now, regardless of who those people are/were, it's redundant; however, no matter how much I didn't like them. I also couldn't stand to see them suffer. Lucky me!

I was one of those characters you kinda shake your damn head at when they go back into the fire to save the asshole that perhaps didn't "deserve" to be saved. That's me, and yes I endure a lot of pain because of this trait,'s simply who I am at my core.

So not being able to escape, run, or hide in anyway, I figured the only way I would survive these toxic encounters was to offer a very amazing, incredible, unbelievable solution to their anger, sadness, frustration, loneliness, etc.---I will always believe that if you can't help someone, OK, but don't hurt them either. That's just me. Not everyone would agree, and that's perfectly fine.

This whole story above is a key reason why I designed this method to not require an instructor. True story. You can learn it, use it, and eventually teach once you get through me. But yes, no need for an instructor or trainer really to successfully utilize this technique, because remember that's what Polykinetics is. A kinetic meditation technique. The S.E.L.F. Method is the spherical collection of strategies I've implemented into supporting the Polykinetics technique.

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