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I got kicked out of the Tony Robbins Facebook Live show

I feel horrible. Let me come right out and say that first. I wasn’t mad at his people. I was upset with myself because I let my ass “go all in” when Tony Robbins was online….my OCD got the better of me and I kept name dropping Polykinetics and they flagged it as spam. First, they kicked me off the live feed, but then went a step further and kicked me out of the entire group.  Again, I feel pretty shitty about it. I don’t feel shitty for the other times I’ve gotten booted from groups...I didn't mind, but I do for this one.

My sincerest apologies if you’re reading and participated this afternoon. I will work on that area of myself particularly hard.

On a higher note, I DID manage to get my website upgraded while I was watching Tony’s live stream. So I’m taking this as God telling me that as much as I would love to sit and grovel over Tony like the 200,000+ fans there…..I gotta get to work. 

Thanks to the graciousness of a single individual who caught my GoFundMe campaign, the Polykinetics informational online hub will remain up and active for another 363 days.  So time is officially ticking.  I am setting up new options. Reaching out to people who know what the fuck they’re talking about, shutting up, and getting to work.

If I want to make this all possible.

Then I have to make all this possible.


For the rest of the night….I will be doing just that.  Taking time out, not to play on social media, but blog, get my thoughts organized, and make some damn magic happen. xx

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