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Intense Melodic Fitness Training: Music movement and emotional intelligence

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Just beginning to post as many of my workout sequences as I possibly can, and have them easily available for anyone around the world that may find them to be helpful….whether it’s with weight challenges, or who like me, utilize fitness to keep my mental health in optimal state!

This method goes both ways!

It’s used negative all the same as positive to reach a common goal…be better.

My first video post on the Polykinetics YouTube channel was “Salvation” by The Cranberries, and chosen for many reasons.

This is an older song (90’s kids can feel me) but I also love the message that is attached to the lyrics which allows for PK participants to go longer and harder in sessions than using music merely for “entertainment purposes only”

The music provokes the movement. The movement influences the mindset. A “domino effect” of you will.

The workout sequence is so simplistic yet shockingly challenging as some awesome skeptics are finding out which leaves many scratching their heads wondering HOW?

This is the beauty within this method. The simple meets the difficult. The good meets the bad a harmonious triad of balance.

You get to use whatever is in your head to drive you hard and give these sequences every ounce of physical energy to kick ass in the workout.

This is how you use pain to empower.

My personal thoughts can flip through many mental pictures during a single sequence, and the song helps to instill that particular emotion. Offering validation to my emotional state and to my thoughts.

Music and physical fitness when sequenced properly can open doors I never even knew to exist, and even more shocked to see such strategies far from mainstream popularity.

“Finale” — Now this sequence is just as simplistic as “Salvation”, yet a bit more complex in composition.

Again, finding a sort of empowerment within the song itself to fuel the intensity as reap the most out of every song I complete….are you starting to see the pattern?

Music again being the key to this method…regardless of which sog you choose to utilize. The technique itself, remains consistent.

Today, I am posting my most intense sequence thus far….”Sierra Leone”.

The melodic symbolism surrounding this song goes very deep….it represents a mix of anger and a sense of despair. Your fists are visuals…one fist standing for “anger, hate, jealousy” and the other for “sadness, guilt, depression”, and how painful each of these emotions can be if you hold onto either for too long.

Therefore, when I do this sequence, I think of all the things that have occurred or that are occurring in my life that would cause these intense emotional reactions and then I push hard to convert that pain into a physical empowerment.

“Sierra Leone” is a great example of how I instill the “intense melodic training” strategy into the Polykinetics method.

Music is emotionally loaded and significant to us all…..this is just a unique way of using that strategy to get people to take action and find a new passion; with fitness and music alike.

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