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Interesting progress recently.....

The last few weeks have a way. I got pulled into another Tony Robbins' affiliated group, which I love...he has some outstanding fans. And one of those outstanding fans crossed my path and spoke of two particular words that instantly struck a cord within me when I was talking about Polykinetics being a new style of kinetic meditation, an American style, that obvious struck a cord in him enough to respond back to my post and in fascinating detail.

"Internal alchemy"

Two words I've never seen side-by-side before in my 36 years alive, and cannot begin to tell you what it is because I currently have zero clue but apparently it is strongly tied into the "kinetic meditation" aspect of Polykinetics I've been recently researching.

No idea what internal alchemy is, but I'm beyond intrigued to find out, and see if and how the connections between the ancient and my modern come together in miraculous fashion. And luckily for me, that outstanding fan who's lead my research in this direction has graciously offered to help me since there is an obvious language barrier and according to him, these techniques are not publicly taught....makes sense now looking back when I would tell others what I am doing with Polykinetics is "not new, it's just not well known"....instinctively. Now that instinct has been confirmed. I was right. *happy dance*

This should be an interesting chapter to say the least. I'm excited to get started. xx

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