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INTRODUCING: PK S.E.L.F™ - Sessions for individual health and success!

This type of training program is geared towards the individual and identifying their unique strengths, weaknesses and challenges.  This program allows for clients to learn all about the Polykinetics technique and The S.E.L.F. Method™ (Simplified, Effective, Life Fitness) mentor program with a Polykinetics Lead instructor, receive first-class educational information from trusted and proven sources and life hack advice on how to use the Polykinetics method seamlessly into daily life despite crazy routines or responsibilities and how to find hidden opportunities that keep your health on point all day.

This program will also come with weekly/bi-monthly follow-up check-ins via phone or video conference with Lead instructors to ensure clients are getting the most out of each and every session, as well as, introduce anything new coming to the table, like music or new sequences.

PK S.E.L.F.™ is geared towards participants learning how to take their physical and mental health into their own hands.  Ideal for those who prefer to work at their own pace and can be customized accordingly as needed or preferred.  Clients also receive kinetic sequences and a copy of the workout breakdown printout so sequences can be collected to make choosing sequences easier and quicker.

And that's just for starters! --

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