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Neuropsychology of Polykinetics

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I am going to try to write this the best that I can, but if it doesn’t make sense at first, just bear with me and I am sure the deeper I dig into this, the clearer it will become…

NLP is a term that just recently got my attention strong enough for me to begin looking into it.  When I first began to look into what made Polykinetics so different than every other fitness method out there, I began to notice correlations between this and that.  When I research things that I have no knowledge of, I look at it as a connect-the-dots-puzzle; one dot would usually lead me to another, and then to another, and sometimes, I’d have to back track and research more intensely on the last dot…and so on.

So this is how my brain figures things out. This is how I have been learning about various aspects of physics, neurobiology, psychology, physiology, sociology, etc.—usually one or more terms or statements would ultimately lead me to the next clue or piece of my puzzle, and then I just follow it, and today, that thought process has lead me directly to an unlikely place…NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming.

Now, I had a twitter follower a ways back try to talk to me about NLP, but I didn’t listen to him because my head was too far into the physicality to even give him a chance…and I feel bad because I never realized the “psychology” aspect of Polykinetics is parallel to what NLP generally is. –It wasn’t until today as I was reading into it and it took a few minutes of reading the keynotes of NLP that gave me a funny look on my face, and I thought “wait….this sounds like Polykinetics”, and the more I read the more similarities I found, and it hit me.

I had been implementing the mental strategy when I “converted my negative pain into a physical strength” and I didn’t even realize that I had been doing this!! I almost don’t know where to go with this information, but looking back, everything clicks!   I knew Polykinetics was different, but didn’t understand how or why, which has lead me to obsessive researching and note-writing for the last almost 2 years solid.


Before it was eventually named Polykinetics, I called it the SELF Method, and I posted this on my Facebook a few months after creating this method, even without fully understanding all the components within it because of the very profound mental changes I had noticed in myself. -I was less irritable, I wasn’t stuck in week long depressions, It was much easier to deal with anger issues I was struggling with, etc.  A lot of positive changes both mental and physical were happening AT THE SAME TIME! And even looking back at my prior blog posts, I wrote about it…. Emotional pain into Physical strength. I began noticing these changes in less than 2 weeks when I would do it every single day. I wrote that post 6 months ago. –And today I am just in a kind of weird awe of the synchronicity between the two.

I know a lot of traditional doctors are not fans of NLP, I get it, like I said I was a skeptic to the extent that I wouldn’t let people get past the acronym with me when they tried to bring it up, but if anything this opens a new door for some new conversations to be taking place.  I am just starting in this new chapter, and to say that I am excited about where this road could lead would be an absolute understatement. I have never been so excited.

I originally set out to simply search for a very real, pragmatic and rational outlet to process the immense anger and depression I had, and I feel that I am very much on the right track.

The obsessive research continues……..

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