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Polykinetics and the Korean Ab Challenge

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

I found this video on Youtube last night, and I can't stop thinking about it because I thought "Wow, this would be a great song to try and get a start on TikTok since the song itself is catchy and 3 minutes and 45 seconds long."

In hopes of getting some micro workout posts out there using that platform.

The song was so ideal, I giggled and goggled my way to find where it originated from and that's when I was lead to a Youtube video of a girl doing essentially the moves commonly used in Polykinetics to a Korean dance song called "Kiat Jud Dai", and I absolutely love it.

The longer I watched, the more I was floored and convinced!

It's Korean Polykinetics! This opened my eyes more so to using INTERNATIONAL/GLOBAL music instead of "playing small" per se.

In the video and all over social media, it's being called the "Korean Ab Challenge", with hundreds of thousands of views. Sadly, now 7 years into Polykinetics and my videos still have less than 1000. I feel a bit cheated really, but should I?

Before I lost my job, it wasn't that big of a deal to me really, but now, it's everything, and it's all I have at the moment to keep me and my daughter afloat.

The one irony, however, is fantastic, because all I have always credited my intrigue with movement and the human body to 2 sources: dance and martial arts; and the martial arts I studied happened to come from....SOUTH KOREA!!

I love life's little synchronicities.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are some very minor differences. Small flaws in the physical form and overall exercise execution, but again, small.

The differences really are so minimal, I can only go through the video and single-handedly identify each of the exercises used in this particular song, and the blog post I wrote about them starting in 2014 with my first post telling people why using physical fitness was important to mental health in the first place and then about why I chose these particular moves to implement in Polykinetics both on my blog and all over the website itself.

The "ab hack" is known in Polykinetics as the "vertical core crunch" exercise, and I demonstrated doing that in several videos starting back in 2015, as well as, the bilateral forward punch, bilateral back elbow, forward facing leg lift, side to side leg lift, squats which everyone uses and bounce squats. It's also mentioned in my blog posts from the very beginning.

What does this mean?

A potentially unique opportunity to collaborate! I hate being on camera, apparently, that's not a problem for this girl and all the others doing the same thing. I'm going to continue to practice what I preach and take opportunity to have THIS SONG be THE ONE I focus on to help me officially launch my awareness campaign on TikTok by sequencing it properly and posting it onto the Polykinetics' TikTok page.

This is gonna be fun!

I can feel it!

The visual I made back in 2015 describing the benefits of doing the vertical core crunch exercise in tandem with the bilateral forward punch exercise and the areas of the body the improved the most.

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