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Polykinetics and TikTok's Janny14906

It's escalating quickly, and this fight has only just begun!

Holding my nerve for today seeing that I have several people to call and speak with about everything that's been going on for the last several weeks.

Wow. Im still processing a lot of what's happening.....but the short version is......

A woman on TikTok (username Janny14906...from here on we will call her "Janny") has been what I believe to be a very dangerous exploitation of the exercises prolifically used in the Polykinetics method....the physical aspect of it, and I'm not the only to think that.

So much so, I'm taking legal action.

Some of her fans are extremely angry at me, some are shocked, but frankly I don't give a damn. This has been my life everyday for the last 7 and a half years, and my way of combating things I cannot even speak of to others.

This is my solace. This silly, simple workout routine.

I've read the comments on Janny's posts and have wept to see people reporting being injured because it's clear to see she has absolutely no idea what she is doing.

This is particularly frustrating to me as an instructor when I had recently published a post on the biggest safety risk factor associated with Polykinetics was overexertion due to its simplicity, and this woman grossly exaggerates nearly every single movement which is ridiculous because if she was professionally trained then she would know that working out a body that's 90lbs is a lot different than exercising one that's 290lbs because.....physics.

This is why I stress on how to teach others how to learn to listen to their bodies and NOT THEIR EGO'S....I'm guilty already of making this mistake and I've witnessed countless others do the same when working out to various different styles.

This style, although ridiculously elementary looking, still poses risks because it is physical activity. All physical activity will pose risks. Everything in life has a risk.

However....all of this chaos ensuing is not all doom and gloom. I've got people reaching out to help fix what damage has been done, and support for Polykinetics has exploded. I couldn't be more thankful or humbled be the encouragement I've received, and for each and every single one of them....I thank you!

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