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•SONG: “Bass Cannon” by Flux Pavilion (YouTube) •DURATION: 5:08 •AREA OF FOCUS (AOF): Lower body •DIFFICULTY: Moderate

J1 (low intensity) J2 (moderate) J3 (highest!!) VCC (vertical core crunch)

{ 0:00 – 0:14 } – Warmup – From a standing position, stretch out inner thighs and the back of the legs!

{ 0:14 – 0:27 } VCC/J1, Keep feet shoulder width apart. Pulse-contracting the upper core muscles!

{ 0:28 – 0:54 } SQUATS/J1, Dig deep and stay conscious of your posture/form! Go as deep as you can. –STAY ON TEMPO!!

{ 0:55 – 1:23 } ALT. VCC/J2, Alternating from the left to right side of the core, Pull elbows down toward hips to increase muscle tension.

{ 1:23 – 1:50 } SQUATS/J2, higher intensity = deeper squats! Focus on the quality of each squat you do, protect your knees & lower back. Adjust your depth if needed, but go as low as you physically can!

{ 1:50 – 2:17 } ALT. VCC/J3, just as before but increase the intensity of your muscle contractions. Keep back straight and arms close to the body. No chicken wings!! Keep elbows in!

{ 2:17 – 2:31 } •••THE BREAK••• Use this time to grab a quick drink of water, letting all of your muscles relax completely, slightly decrease your heart rate (prevents hyperventilation!) and stretch legs as needed!

{ 2:32 – 2:44 } VCC/J2, Keep feet at least shoulder width apart.

{ 2:45 – 3:13 } SQUATS/J2. Same as before! Maintain focus on quality & form!

{ 3:13 – 3:40 } ALT. VCC/J3 Alternating side to side, same as before just at a higher intensity! Keep legs isometric.

{ 3:40 – 4:07 } SQUATS/J3!! By now your legs and butt should be on FIRE! If not, your squats aren’t deep enough..go lower! If intensity is too high, make squats shallow (bounce squats), maintain posture & tempo!

{ 4:07 – 4:36 } VCC/J2, Start cool down…

{ 4:36 – 5:07 } Relax all muscles and stretch out legs and core as in the warmup to prevent muscles from cramping up…

{ 5:08 } – Done.

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