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POLYKINETICS WORKOUT BREAKDOWN: “Finale” By Mashur & Kevlar! Level 1

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Now this is by far one of my favorite sequenced workouts!! All you need to do to upgrade the overall difficulty is to add some free weights.

Song: Finale By Mashur & Kevlar Time: 5:27 Area of focus (AOF): Full body, sequential coordination, balance + agility. Overall difficulty: Beginner/intermediate.


(0:00 – 0:13) – Intro/standard stretches. Focus on inner thigh/hamstrings and back.

(0:13 – 0:24) – VERTICAL COFE CRUNCH 2/J1

Keep focus on form and keep muscle contractions condensed and controlled.

Arms moving back and forth to help intensify muscle contractions.

Do not twerk!! Hips and Legs are isometric.

(0:25 – 0:26) Transition arms to your sides, fists facing inward, elbows straight back and tight at your sides.


Both arms “punching” forward, simultaneously, in sequence to the song’s current tempo.

Focus on maintaining proper form and the applied force of each motion; shoulder blades should touch, not smack. Arms should not touch your sides. Be careful of any muscle straining in your chest if the intensity is too high. Readjust it if needed.

(0:51 – 0:52) = Keep legs isometric, transition arms, bring fists up and elbows tucked into your sides; keeping them close to your sides. Feet shoulder-width apart (or wider for higher intensity)

(0:52 – 1:18) = Side-to-side VERTICAL CORE CRUNCH/J2

Lean your upper body upward and down to either the left or right side of your core. Maintain consistent speed with music’s tempo and focus on full muscle extensions/contractions. -Lean just slightly forward to increase the intensity.

(1:19 – 1:31) = FF. LEG LIFTS/J2

Upper body and back straight.

Fists under chin, elbows in. Focus on balance and making each lift at least a 90-degree angle (hip bone high or higher), knees facing forward, not outward.

(1:32 – 1:45) = S2S LEG LIFTS/J2

Alternating left to right, bringing your knees up to your chest at an angle; stepping outward. Very important to keep your back straight and resist leaning forward or backward.

(1:46 – 2:12) = ALT. FF+S2S LEG LIFTS/J2

Starting with Forward-Facing leg lifts and alternating with S2S leg lifts (sequence: FF left, FF right, S2S left, S2S right)

Focus on maintaining form and staying on beat!


Bend down as close to a 90-degree angle as possible, gradually stretching the inner thigh and lowering your heart rate; hydrate if needed.

(2:40 – 2:56) = Vertical Core Crunch/J2

Bring feet in to shoulder-width; “pulsating” the upper core muscles in sequence with music’s gradual speed increases.

(2:57 – 3:22) = BFP/J3

Peak intensity!

Maintain form and speed safely!.

(3:23 – 3:24) = Same as before, Transition your position. Elbows in!

(3:25 – 3:50) = Side-to-side VCC/J3

Maintain high intensity, same motions as before.

(3:51 – 4:03) = FF LEG LIFTS/J3

Same as before but at your highest intensity.

Maintain muscle control and balance.

Keep midsection and back straight.

(4:04 – 4:16) = S2S LEG LIFTS/J3

Same as before, FULL INTENSITY! Bring knees as close to your chest as possible.

(4:17 – 4:43) = FF+S2S LEG LIFTS/J3!

Same as before, FULL INTENSITY!

(4:44 – 4:56) = Vertical core crunch/J1 COOL DOWN

Legs isometric, pulse-contracting upper core muscles, low intensity.

(4:57 – 5:27) = ARM HOLD (muscle tension hold)

Arms straight out to your sides, parallel to shoulders, palms facing downward. HOLD TO END.

(5:27) – DROP ARMS.


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