POLYKINETICS WORKOUT: “Finale” By Mashur & Kevlar! Level 1

Now this is by far one of my favorite sequenced workouts!! All you need to do to upgrade the overall difficulty is to add some free weights.

Song: Finale By Mashur & Kevlar Time: 5: 27 Area of focus (AOF): Full body, sequential coordination, balance + agility. Overall difficulty: Beginner/intermediate.


0:00 – 0:13 – Intro/standard stretches. Focus on inner thigh/hamstrings and back.

0:13 – 0:24 – VERTICAL COFE CRUNCH 2/J1 –Keep focus on form and keep muscle contractions condensed and controlled. Arms moving back and forth to help intensify muscle contractions. Do not twerk!! Hips and Legs are isometric.

(0:25 – 0:26) Transition arms to your sides, fists facing inward, elbows straight back and tight at your sides.

0:26 – 0:50 = BILATERAL FORWARD PUNCH (BFP)/J2. –Both arms “punching” forward, simultaneously, in sequence to the song’s current tempo. Focus on maintaining proper form and the applied force of each motion; shoulder blades should touch, not smack. Arms should not touch your sides. Be careful of any muscle straining in your chest if the intensity is too high. -Readjust it if needed.

(0:51 – 0:52) = Keep legs isometric, transition arms, bring fists up and elbows tucked into your sides; keeping them close to your sides. Feet shoulder-width apart (or wider for higher intensity)

0:52 – 1:18 = Side-to-side VERTICAL CORE CRUNCH/J2 –Lean your upper body upward and down to either the left or right side of your core. Maintain consistent speed with music’s tempo and focus on full muscle extensions/contractions. -Lean just slightly forward to increase the intensity.

1:19 – 1:31 = FF. LEG LIFTS/J2 –Upper body and back straight. Fists under chin, elbows in. Focus on balance and making each lift at least a 90-degree angle (hip bone high or higher), knees facing forward, not outward.

1:32 – 1:45 = S2S LEG LIFTS/J2 –Alternating left to right, bringing your knees up to your chest at an angle; stepping outward. Very important to keep your back straight and resist leaning forward or backward.

1:46 – 2:12 = ALT. FF+S2S LEG LIFTS/J2 –Starting with Forward-Facing leg lifts and alternating with S2S leg lifts (sequence: FF left, FF right, S2S left, S2S right) –Focus solely on maintaining proper form and staying on beat!

(2:12 – 2:39) = WIDE-STANCE TENSION HOLD –Bend down as close to a 90-degree angle as possible, gradually stretching the inner thigh and lowering your heart rate; hydrate if needed.

2:40 – 2:56 = Vertical core crunch/J1 to J2 –Bring feet in to shoulder-width; “pulsating” the upper core muscles in sequence with music’s gradual speed increases.

2:57 – 3:22 = BFP/J3 –Peak intensity! Maintain form and speed.

(3:23 – 3:24) = Same as before, Transition your position. Elbows in!

3:25 – 3:50 = Side-to-side VCC/J3 -Maintain high intensity, same motions as before.

3:51 – 4:03 = FF LEG LIFTS/J3 -Same as before but at highest intensity. Maintain muscle control and balance. Keep midsection and back straight.

4:04 – 4:16 = S2S LEG LIFTS/J3 -Same as before, FULL INTENSITY! Bring knees as close to your chest as possible.

4:17 – 4:43 = FF+S2S LEG LIFTS/J3! -Same as before, FULL INTENSITY!

4:44 – 4:56 = Vertical core crunch/J1 COOL DOWN –Legs isometric, pulse-contracting upper core muscles, low intensity.

4:57 – 5:27 = ARM HOLD (muscle tension hold) –Arms straight out to your sides, parallel to shoulders, palms facing downward. HOLD TO END.

5:27 – DROP ARMS. Done!

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