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Progressing through pain in a productive way.

Updated: May 17, 2021

Pain in life is inevitable. Suffering is a choice. Respectfully in terms of time and intensity.

We can choose to try and rise above what comes at us or choose to lay down arms and let whatever comes at us….destroy us.

Quickly or slowly.

Fight or freeze.

It’s biology.

However, we DO have the power to challenge that freeze or fight tendency and massively SLOW DOWN the clock we ALL HAVE AS HUMANS.

We all know this, but for some damn reason that’s not what’s being accepted and embraced, and most importantly, taught by most who call themselves part of the solution.


People aren’t being taught how to endure the impact of mental pain and how to physically and mentally recover productively and constructively for the betterment of themselves and for others around them.


Sadly, people being taught……just ignore it.

Yea ok…but then what does one do when shit hits ones fan?

No one can ignore that.

The smell alone….my god

Although this is a quick fix that will cut down the amount of bullshit we’re exposed to on the daily–It’s not a long term preventative type way to dealing with the chronic crap that seems to gravitate and then accumulate on us each and every moment of every day.

There’s a reason why although many mainstream efforts for the last decade have increased in popularity, unfortunately, there’s also been an increase in suicide and overall prevalence of mental illness amongst the masses.

Far more than what I remember just 10-15 years ago. That’s a red flag in my book that what’s being done isn’t working for the majority…merely a few who happen to be able to afford such specialized care.

This is where I stand out particularly.

It’s not just what I do, or even how I do it, BUT WHY I do it.

Intention sets it all. I feel no one and nothing deserves to suffer. Here or there. Stay or go. But don’t linger…don’t suffer.

Because being someone who is hypersensitive to the pains of the world. I’m feeling that suffering even though it doesn’t belong to me. I still feel it as if it were my own.

I even shed tears.


I can tolerate pain, I can’t tolerate suffering. Being punched in the face during a martial arts tournament didn’t hurt nearly as bad as someone calling me despicable names and knocking down every respectable boundary I had.

I simply kept pissing them off by getting back up….something I still do to this day due to the resilience I managed to build from being exposed to the horrors of the world in a more constructive and productive way.

Similarly to how I was taught my lessons nearly 30 years ago.

Time and time and time again I kept getting back up. Many times I’d ask myself “what’s the fucking point?” and I’ll be damned if an image didn’t flash in my mind at that moment….usually always of my daughter, my hobbies, the simple pleasures in life that I can’t wait to experience over and over again and most of all,


I’m reminded why I do what I do, and why it’s important to keep going despite the pain.

Pain will inspire change, but suffering is powerful enough to make someone want to end it all including ending all possibilities of anything ever getting better–therefore It’s beyond dangerous, it’s deadly.

So how do we take on something that many feel is way bigger than themselves?



You remind yourself just how damn powerful you fucking are, and then proceed to learn how to utilize areas where untapped energy lies dormant but socially shunned at, but that’s always ready to be awakened and put to into a high-intensity affective action.

Progressive Action lead by productive passion.

THAT’S the catalyst for long term change and genuine life growth but in order to get there you must first face what you fear!

Because….that’s life people.

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